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WV-NM100 Network Security Camera
$399.00           Add to Cart 

Panasonic introduces the new WV-NM100 camera. This Network Security camera captures live images and displays them on your personal computer. A digital video camera, a web server, and a network interface are integrated into one compact housing. The camera can be connected directly to an Ethernet terminal, enabling effortless network monitoring. Simply setup an IP address.

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Easy Monitoring with a Web Browser
The WV-NM100 can handle images in JPEG format, the global standard for still image compression. Start monitoring by simply entering the IP address of the camera into the web browser.


Handles MPEG-4; offering smoother images
In addition to JPEG, the WV-NM100 can use MPEG-4, the latest movie image compression format. View subjects with natural, smooth movements. Image sizes, quality and data distribution volume can be selected according to the network environment and communication speed.

Works in low-light conditions
Thanks to the high quality imaging elements, coupled with the latest semiconductor technologies and low-light imaging technologies from surveillance cameras, the WV-NM100 demonstrates excellent low-light performance of 2 lx (0.2 fc) at electronic sensitivity 10x up. Images are clear even in low-light situations.

Control the Camera's Direction
Change the view in both the horizontal and vertical directions from a personal computer. With a wide field of view, covering 140 degrees for panning and 120 degrees for tilting, the WV-NM100 captures exactly what you need to see.

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